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Tricks and tips for the perfect chicken wrap

When it comes to a perfect chicken wrap, it’s all in how you wrap it. Well, actually, it’s all in the layering & rolling technique that turns it into the ideal wrap shape. For the longest time, most people made wraps like burritos…you know, with one end sealed and the other end open. The majority would just stack everything in the center, seal it up, and roll it tightly.  

That is until we learned the correct way to roll the wrap… So let us show you how to roll the perfect chicken wrap.

A good base

You have to start with a good base because it can make the process much easier. A large and delicious flour tortilla. You can use the basic white flour tortilla, a whole wheat tortilla, a corn tortilla, a gluten-free tortilla, a spinach tortilla, or a sun-dried tomato tortilla…you get the jist.

Make it saucy!

A yummy sauce of your choice. We personally love Galitos Premium Reserve sauce. You can find multiple options for sauces by going through our extensive sauce menu here. Spread your favorite sauce all over the tortilla to infuse the flavor in every bite. 

Veggies & greens

We like to add a lot of lettuce to our wraps because of its crisp freshness and health benefits, but you can use whatever greens you like. Make sure to add a good layer of greens over the whole tortilla to make it vibrant & colorful. If you’re not sure which veggies to choose, you can pick from Galitos’ salad options, which include coleslaw, caesar salad, mixed greens, peri roasted veggies, and more! It’s generally a good idea to only add one layer in the middle to avoid any mess. 

So be sure to think about it – What veggies would you like to include in your chicken wrap?

Get cheesy with it!

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring… And fresh wraps are a fantastic way to make healthy eating fun and enjoyable. And you know what makes them even better? Cheese! So, let’s get cheesy and add some excitement to our wraps! Choose your favorite type of cheese, whether it’s ooey-gooey melted cheddar, tangy feta, or creamy goat cheese to cut through the tartness of the sauces.


And finally, it’s time to pile on the protein… You can use whatever meat you like; it can be chicken, beef, or turkey. You just need to slice it up and layer it in the center. Think of the meat as the centerpiece with all the other ingredients wrapping around it like a big tortilla hug. 

It’s a wrap!

We know it’s not as easy as it sounds. But we’re at the final step so fold over and tuck all of the ingredients in a tight roll, and slice diagonally.  And there you have it – the perfect wrap!

Too much stress to handle, right…but no need to worry! Choose Galito’s and don’t let your brain roll around this wrap game. Because you can’t go wrong with Galitos’s chicken wrap, featuring perfectly seasoned chicken, fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, creamy mayonnaise, and a touch of piri piri sauce. But wait, there’s more! Don’t forget to pair your wrap with our delicious sides, like crispy fries, zesty coleslaw, or peri roasted potatoes. And don’t forget to grab a drink and enjoy the complete Galito’s experience!



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