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Grilled, Healthy, Halal…

For those who call Ontario their home, grilled chicken isn’t just a meal – it’s a way of life. If you’re searching for a healthy, tasty, and satisfying option, look no further than our grilled chicken menu. It’s a top pick for chicken enthusiasts, and the grill’s smoky touch adds extra deliciousness to your meat. And that’s why we take great pride in serving authentic South African flame-grilled chicken at all our outlets across Canada. 

Our Galito’s chicken is not only 100% halal but also of premium quality. We exclusively offer 100% halal-certified meat at all our restaurants, bringing together diverse communities with a premium South African culinary experience. 

Our chicken is all-natural and fresh – never frozen, and it’s free from artificial hormones or antibiotics. We prepare our marinade using fresh, wholesome ingredients and infuse it into the chicken, giving you a burst of flavor with every bite. 

And don’t forget our nutritious side options, including grilled corn, mixed greens, Piri roasted potatoes, and, of course, fries. You truly have to taste it to believe it!

How “halal” is halal?

We understand the importance of food that meets cultural and ethical standards. That’s why we proudly offer Halal-certified piri piri chicken. When you dine with us, you can have peace of mind knowing that every bite is prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary guidelines.

Our Halal certification ensures that our ingredients and preparation methods align with the highest standards of quality and ethics. We’re dedicated to making sure that everyone can enjoy the exquisite flavors of our Portuguese-inspired cuisine.

What’s special about our grilled chicken?

Good food brings people together… So whether you’re a fan of grilled food, a health-conscious diner, or someone seeking halal options, our grilled, healthy, and halal piri piri chicken is the answer to your chicken cravings. 

To create more depth of flavor, we have a range of sauces available to pair with our meals, including lemon and herb, green chili, garlic, and BBQ piri piri. We also sell our sauces and marinades so you can take the Galito’s experience home with you – explore all our flavors for a truly divine dining experience in the comfort of your home. 

Join us for a delicious dining experience at Galito’s!



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