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Galito’s catering menu for festive celebrations!

We’re approaching the season of summer fun, backyard parties, beach gatherings, and of course, the joyous celebrations of Eid! You might be planning a family reunion or hosting a large get-together or party. But unless you’re planning on cooking for everyone, it’s a good idea to consider a catering menu. Catering your parties and festive gatherings with delicious food & drinks will ensure everyone leaves with big smiles and warm hearts. Not only that but it also allows you to enjoy your party without the added stress of cooking and serving.

Here are some suggestions from Galito’s catering menu, suitable for any occasion, regardless of the number of guests or the level of extravagance. 

Appetizer platter

There can’t be a more classic start to your event than with a massive platter of appetizers. This delicious platter brings 12 perfectly seasoned whole juicy wings, accompanied by two generous servings of peri hummus, 2 servings of poutine, gravy, cheese curds, and 10 garlic sticks. It’s the perfect way to get your guests excited and ready for the main course! 

Party platter

Want to do something a little less involved than a traditional festive dinner? Try out our party platter! Designed to serve up to 12 people effortlessly, it includes  4 pieces of whole chicken with 2 small side trays of your choice. And to complete this delightful spread, you get 12 savory garlic breads. With a wide selection of flavors and sides to choose from, this platter is a convenient and satisfying option!

Supreme platter 

But if you’re hosting a larger gathering, Galito’s Supreme Platter is an excellent choice for you. It features 8 whole chickens and 2 large trays of any side dishes that suit your guests’ preferences. And to balance the meal, we include 25 freshly baked, mouthwatering garlic sticks. This platter is perfect for feeding a hungry crowd and ensures that no one leaves your event feeling empty and unsatisfied!

Vegan-friendly burger & pita platter

Eid al-Adha usually revolves around meat…. But if you have vegans in your circle, make sure you don’t leave them out when hosting your feast! Galito’s burger and pita platter is an excellent choice. It features 6 tasty veggie burgers (with the option to include chicken and beef as well), and 3 veggie wraps. This platter offers a variety of flavors and textures, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Small & large side trays

Last but not least, complete your party meal with Galito’s convenient side trays, available in both small and large sizes. Our small side tray is designed to serve up to 8 people, while the large side tray is great for a crowd of up to 18. From crispy fries to refreshing coleslaw and flavorful rice, we offer a wide range of classic favorites to cater to different tastes and preferences. 

The high-quality ingredients and expert preparation make Galito’s a reliable choice for a delicious and hassle-free catering experience. So, why stress over cooking for a large gathering?

Let Galito’s professionals take charge of the food for your next special occasion!



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