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Galito’s Portuguese-style halal chicken!

Portuguese-style spicy chicken has taken the world by storm. People’s love for it has most certainly grown over the last decade. With roots in African and Portuguese culture, peri peri is a delicious combination of global cultures — with hot peppers, lemon, and garlic in the mix too. That’s why it’s no surprise that Portuguese chicken has become an integral part of the global food scene joining the ranks of culinary classics like poutine, bagels, steamed hot dogs, and smoked meat.

The key components of Portuguese-style chicken

The chicken

Let’s start with the star of the show…the chicken! We use only the finest quality halal-certified chicken. Which means you can rest assured that every bite is not only flavorful but also prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary guidelines. The chicken is carefully selected, ensuring its tenderness, then marinated to perfection. The flavors seep deep into the meat, creating a mouthwatering meal that will have you hooked from the first bite.

The flamed grill

Authenticity is key, so we cook our chicken on a flamed grill. The intense heat from the grill sears the chicken, locking in the juices and creating a beautiful charred exterior. Imagine the sizzling sound, the aroma of the grill, and the smoky flavors infusing the meat. This traditional cooking technique adds an incredible depth of flavor to the chicken that you simply can’t replicate with other cooking methods.

The sauce

And what’s Portuguese-style chicken without its famous piri piri sauce? We take our piri-piri sauces seriously, creating our own sauce with a perfect blend of chili peppers, garlic, herbs, and spices. Whether you prefer a milder kick or crave a spicy explosion, Galito’s has got your back. Our zesty sauce enhances the flavors of the grilled chicken, elevating the Portuguese dining experience to a whole new level. 

Where can I get it?

Now that your taste buds are tingling, you’re probably wondering where you can get your hands on this flavorful, juicy chicken. We have several locations across Canada, making it accessible to foodies from all over the Great White North. So have your lunch or dinner sorted with our famous Portuguese-style halal chicken!

Can’t dine in? No worries! Galito’s offers takeaway options, so you can enjoy your favorite meals in the comfort of your own home. The moment you open that container and the tasty aroma hits you, you’ll know you’re in for a real treat.

So, don’t wait any longer! Head to your nearest Galito’s restaurant or place your order for takeout. Bon appétit!



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