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Try our new Piri Piri chicken tacos!

Torn between your love for Mexican food and your craving for Portuguese-style grilled chicken?

We’ve got just the thing for you: juicy, succulent Piri Piri chicken tacos

These bad boys give you the ultimate fusion of bold Mexican flavors and spicy, smokey Piri Piri chicken. So how does it work? We take our signature flame-grilled Piri Piri chicken and pack it in soft, warm tortillas along with fresh, crispy veggies, and zesty sauces. 

We cook our chicken by smothering it with spicy Piri Piri sauce – a blend of chilies, lemon, red bell peppers, and olive oil – and grill it to perfection. It’s then tossed in other fresh ingredients until the heat mellows to create the perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors. 

What about the sides?

And let’s not forget the sides. We offer a variety of delicious sides to accompany your tacos such as peri roasted veggies, refreshing coleslaw, crispy fries, and more. 

Whether you’re a chilihead or just looking to cool down the heat, we’ve got something you’ll love.You can even customize your tacos with your favorite toppings from tomatoes and red onions to cucumbers and Pepper Jack cheese. 

What’s more, you can get these yummy tacos for as low as $7.99! Or you can get 3 tacos with 1 regular side for $11.49 or 3 tacos with 2 regular sides for $13.49 if you’re going with friends or family. 

So if you’re in the mood for a quick lunch, a hearty dinner, or even a late-night snack, be sure to try our Piri-licious chicken tacos! With their bold and flavorful combination of Mexican and Portuguese cuisine, they’re sure to become your new favorite dish. 

Come down to our restaurant or order online now!



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