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Hot box deal for JUST $12.99!

Did you hear that? In case you haven’t already! There’s a new Hot Box deal at Galito’s! Wayyy hotter than the midday summer sun.

Enjoy 3 pieces of our signature chicken, flame-grilled to piri-fection. Mildly spicy and bursting with complex flavors, it’s the perfect comfort food if you love to add a little heat to your meals. Along with that, there’s a generous portion of flame-grilled chicken, golden-brown fries with peri seasoning. 

….All of this goodness is available for an unbelievable price of JUST $12.99! (This offer is for a limited time only).

Interestingly, the Hot Box deal is available at every single location of Galito’s. If you’re rolling with your buddies, having a family feast, or can’t stop thinking about premium Portuguese-style grilled chicken, you know where to go.

There’s more…

Galito’s has something new on the menu! Introducing you to our latest addition… The Crunch Roll. A roll with a perfect combo of crunchiness from our signature flame-grilled chicken, wrapped in a soft tortilla with vibrant, fresh veggies and creamy sauces. Oh, oh-so-good!

Now, you’ve got a choice…you can come to our restaurant for the authenticity of Portuguese chicken OR if it’s a PJs kinda day, we’ve got your back with online ordering too. You pick – we deliver. Easy peasy!

Hurry, before it’s gone!

Because it’s a limited-time offer, you must act quickly! Also, did you get the chance to catch up on the exciting news about our new Brampton locations? If not, make sure to check out our most recent blog

So, head over to the nearest Galito’s location and dig into a box that’ll have you saying, “Why haven’t I tried this before?!”

Make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible deal! 



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