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Family Special for July! | Galito’s

Are you in the mood for the tastiest flame-grilled chicken in town? Look no further! We’re here to satisfy your food cravings with a special deal for the month of July. We’re now offering our family platter for just $49.99! Tender and juicy, our piri piri grilled chicken is 100% halal, packed with flavor, and ideal for a weekend dinner. Served with kebabs, chicken wings, garlic sticks, and two large sides, it’s the perfect comfort food that’s both delicious and healthy. 

Our chicken wings are cooked to perfection and coated in a wonderfully delectable sweet-and-sour glaze. There are also a number of sides you can choose from, including peri rice, grilled corn, peri roasted potatoes, veggies, and of course, fries. When paired with fluffy garlic bread sticks covered with melted butter and herbs, it’s a meal that’s truly divine! 

Halal Flame-Grilled Chicken

Galito’s brings to you halal, flame-grilled chicken marinated in homemade piri piri sauce, and cooked over charcoal to give it that amazing smokey flavor that our customers love. Our mildly spicy Portuguese chicken recipe is made using a blend of chili, garlic, lemon, and herbs. Since each individual’s palate is unique, we can customize your platter according to your taste by adjusting spice levels in your marinade. 

Party Platter

We also have a range of sauces available that you can pair with your meals like BBQ piri piri, lemon and herb, garlic, and green chili. You can even take our sauces home to elevate your own grilled chicken meals. Enjoy the Galito’s experience within the comfort of your own home or wow your dinner guests by firing up the BBQ and hosting a dinner party. 

No Fowl Play! | Premium Quality Chicken 

Our chicken is 100% halal and of premium quality, never treated with artificial hormones or antibiotics. We have an efficient supply chain in place to ensure there’s no spoilage, thus providing the best quality chicken to adequately meet and exceed customer expectations. To deliver optimal freshness, we follow quality control procedures in accordance with industry regulations to provide safe and healthy food to our customers.

Our marinade too, is made from fresh, wholesome ingredients and infused in chicken so you can treat your taste buds with a tantalizing dance of complex flavors. Once our chicken is thoroughly marinated, it’s grilled on each side until the skin is golden brown. Absolutely delicious!

So what’re you waiting for? Drop by at one of our restaurants with your friends or family members to avail this limited-time offer.



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